What is the stage of precision?

The stage of precision also represents an addition to knowledge. In this stage, width of relationship is subordinated to exactness of formulation. It is the stage of grammar, the grammar of language and the grammar of science. It proceeds by forcing on the students’ acceptance a given way of analysing the facts, bit by bit. New facts are added, but they are the facts which fit into the analysis.
–Alfred North Whitehead, Aims of Education, 18.

The stage of precision includes young people who are 13-17 years old. During this stage, the primary focus of learning will be on broadening understanding and gaining knowledge of different fields via their distinctive frameworks and methods. Here romance is not ignored or replaced, but recedes into the background of learning. It still has a role to play, but it isn’t quite as prominent when precision come into the foreground.

The following resource for families, communities, and schools may offer some inspiring guidance for students in the stage of precision.

John B. Cobb, Jr.
Honorary President

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