Driven by the principle of relationality and commitment to the common good, the Center for Process Studies works on cutting edge discourse across disciplines to promote the exploration of interconnection, change, and intrinsic value as core features of our world. Learn More

The Cobb Institute promotes a process-relational worldview to advance wisdom, harmony, and the common good. It engages in local initiatives and cultivates compassionate communities to bring about an ecological civilization. Learn More

The Institute for Ecological Civilization works with allies and global leaders to design solutions for the well-being of people and the planet. By convening experts from across the major sectors of society, they have been able to catalyze groundbreaking explorations of the ways that current systems and structures need to be transformed. Ultimately, their goal is to work with leaders to shape the policies that, when implemented, will bring about a sustainable, ecological civilization. Learn More

The International Process Network is a means to active communication with process-related organizations and individuals around the world to advance the Common Good. It is a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to supporting, generating and disseminating an international discourse on the meaning and implications of process thought. Learn More

Flagstaff College prepares students to be leaders in the democratic project of building sustainable, just, and beautiful communities and creating ecological civilizations. It affirms that all life is intrinsically valuable and has meaning and purpose, believes that to understand ecology, economics, social justice, and any other broad inquiry, we need to be able to think across disciplinary boundaries, and aims to respond with creativity and
capacity to the challenges of our time. Learn More

Open Horizons is a website that presents essays, poetry, music, and images that fosters and illuminates an expansive spirit. Its aim is to offer ideas that might help people create multi-cultural, interfaith communities that are creative, compassionate, participatory, ecologically wise, and spiritually enjoyable, with no one left behind! It is these kinds of horizons — horizons of creativity and compassion — that it hopes to help open. Learn More

John B. Cobb, Jr.
Honorary President

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